Release SAMA V10.4

The focus of the release is on our new search function, which is intended to make it easier for SAMA newcomers in particular to get started. But also for "old veterans" there are many additional modules and new functions. Here is an overview of the most important new features:
  • Global search
  • New planning tools
    (Staff utilisation, planned shutdowns, revision of the disposition calendar)
  • Using the PC-Camara as a QR Code reader
  • New module "Technical Data

November 2020

Welcome to SAMA!

Kägi Söhne AG

July 2020

We are delighted to welcome Kägi, another "delicious" customer to the SAMA family! 


April 2021

We are pleased to introduce SAMA to the wood specialist Haholz!


March 2020

We are pleased to introduce SAMA to the textile specialist Rökona!


February 2020

"Voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit sed quia consequuntur magni."

CARASANA Bäderbetriebe GmbH

January 2020

We are looking forward to the SAMA introduction in the thermal baths of Baden-Baden!