The maintenance software from Switzerland



Graphic structure

Information about your components

    • Identification data
    • Spare parts list
    • Technical data
    • measured values
    • Condition protocols
    • Downtimes
    • History
    Optimise maintenance...
    • Plant Transparency
    • Proof of due diligence
    • Clear planning
    • Revisions
    • Availability of spare parts
    • break down management
    ... with the latest software
    • Administrative relief
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Central provision of information
    • Data security
    • Meeting certification requirements

    Preventive maintenance

    Planning work efficiently

    • Create work orders easily with Word
    • Many variants of working definitions to optimally map your process
    • Manual or automatic disposition
    • Print jobs or process them digitally using a tablet
    • Document work simply and clearly

    Breakdown management

    Mange break downs with ease

      • Reporting faults intuitively
      • Document malfunctions with little effort
      • Maintaining communication between the detector and the person in charge

      Spare part management

      Knowing whats where

      • Record spare parts with pictures
      • Tool Management
      • Material issue/Set-up list
      • Warehouse management
      • Purchasing